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Fishing Trip

During the normal jungle tours, the fishing is done to give the basic idea of what it is all about. So the guest will have chance to learn a little of how to survive catching piranha and other fishes that exist in the river and lakes of the Amazon. The Sport fishing (Bass fishing) its done during the dry season from Sept to Jan depending of the the área where the fishing is done and it requires extensive organizing; Boats, equipments, guides, rods, drinks.  The quest is for the majestic Peacock Bass. This fish can be caught for photos and vídeos and returning to the water is guaranteed by law.

Come and be a Champion by catching some of the coveted fish. Book with us and stay at the Pousada Tucuna located on the Rio Preto River. The pousada was built to provide guests with a great stay whyle enjoying the the natural beauty found there and Catching a giant peacock Bass, Cat fish or any other that you may prefer.


The transportation is done by vehile (Van or Mini Bus) from Manaus to the city of Rio Preto da Eva and getting there the journey continues through the forest for 12 kilometers and then it’s completed by speed boat to the pousada.


The pousada has Private Bungalows with three beds each, air conditioning and private baths. The pousada was is built to give some comfort to the clients during their stay. Away from the noise of the city and into the silence of the forest.


Boat Tours

The best and most complete Amazonian tour
Discover the Amazon and its charms by exploring the region through a wonderful boat trip traveling through the rivers and lakes and exploring different areas of the Amazon rainforest. Enjoy your Boat Tour by sailing with on board boats with private accommodations with Beds, A/C and performing activities such as Jungle trekking, piranha fishing, swimming with dolphins, visiting an indigenous community and other activities.
Come and be part of this experience exploring this wonderful green world on a fantastic boat trip.