This package is a great option to learn about the Amazon as it gives the group a chance to do all the activities that are done in other tours and also an opportunity to spend a night camping out in the forest.

This is a 4 days jungle tour recommended for people interested in doing an adventures tour. This tour its done spending two nights camping in the forest and one night at the Lodge.

This is a 5 days jungle tours with 2 nights staying at the lodge and 2 nights camping out in the jungle. On this tour it is possible to explore the forest in a non-conventional way, normally done in small groups which is very important because the less noise is the better.

Visit the meeting of the waters, Piranha fishing, dolphin and bird watching, watching the sunrise and the sunset, cayman spotting in the evening, canoe trips and jungle trekking, Canoeing (paddling) and visit to a local family.

This is a jungle trip for people who have only a short time to explore the Amazon Jungle. It is done at the Maçarico Eco Lodge which is a Rustic and comfortable lodge located 90 kilometers to the south of Manaus and this tours gives an idea of what the Amazon jungle is by showing you the beautiful landscape there.