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The activities done on this short tour are: Piranha fishing, dolphin watching, bird watching, see the sunrise and the sunset, alligator spotting at night and.

See the meeting of the waters (junction of the Solimões river and the Negro river) , Piranha fishing, dolphin watching, sunrise and sunset watching, cayman spotting at night, jungle trekking, visiting the local people, canoeing in the flooded forest and small channels (creeks).

This tour is a great option to learn about the Amazon jungle as it gives chance to do all the activities that are done in other tours and also an opportunity to spend a night camping out in the forest.

This Amazon jungle tour is done in 5 days of which two nights are spent out camping in the jungle. On this tour it is possible to explore the forest in a non-conventional way, normally done in small groups which is very important because the less noise is the better.

The native tour is a package made for people interested in discovering the Amazon forest in an authentic way such as the natives do. On this tour it is possible to have more contact with nature. It is done in four days and three nights, spending the first night at the lodge and the other two nights are spent camping out in the forest and at the house of the local people.

This trip it is recommended for people interested in doing a long trekking in the jungle and spending more time camping. It starts with a three-day trekking at some point in the forest and ends in another point also in the forest.

This trip is for people interested in having maximum of contact with the nature, learning in the process as much possible about the forest. This trip is done to the south of Manaus in the Juma area, 100 kilometers away from the city. On this tour three nights are spent at the lodge and three nights are spent camping in the forest.

Boat Tours

The best and most complete Amazonian tour
Discover the Amazon and its charms by exploring the region through a wonderful boat trip traveling through the rivers and lakes and exploring different areas of the Amazon rainforest. Enjoy your Boat Tour by sailing with on board boats with private accommodations with Beds, A/C and performing activities such as Jungle trekking, piranha fishing, swimming with dolphins, visiting an indigenous community and other activities.
Come and be part of this experience exploring this wonderful green world on a fantastic boat trip.