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A visit to the meeting of the waters, piranha fishing, dolphin and bird watching, cayman spotting at night, visiting the local people and a two-day trekking,

Trip Itinerary

Day one: At 8am transfer from the hotel to the Ceasa port where a speed boat is used to take visitors to the meeting of the waters (Juction of the two rivers), the Negro river and the Solimões river. From there they are taken to the Careiro Village on the other side of the Solimões river. From there the journey continues by car for about an hour to the Paraná do Mamori River. From there another speed-boat takes the group to the lodge arriving there at about 11am.

At 2:30pm the activities begin, the group leaves by motorized canoe for piranha fishing, dolphin and bird watching and the sunset watching at about 6:30pm. After dinner cayman spotting is done. It’s an activity where the guide catches a cayman and gives technical information about it

Day Two: at 5:30am a canoe trip is done to observe birds and the sunrise returning at 6:45am for the breakfast. From 8am to 11:30am the group will visit local families to see and learn about their simple and fantastic way of living. During the rainy season when the water level its high from April to August, it’s possible to make a canoeing (Paddling) to explore the flooded forest. At 2:30pm the group leaves for the two nights camping in the forest. Necessary utensils such as hammocks, mosquito nets and food are taken along and are all provided.

Day Three: After having breakfast (in the forest the group begins a jungle trekking which goes on the entire day. From time to time it’s stopped for explanations about trees, plants birds, animals and insects such as spiders.  Camping for the night is done in an area with access to water.

Day Four: After breakfast, the group continues trekking through the jungle until the lodge arriving back around 11am.

At 1:30pm begins the journey back to Manaus getting to the city at about 4pm


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