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1 - Visit to the meeting of the Waters
2 - Visit to the janauari Ecological Park
3 - Piranha fishing
5 - Alligator spotting at night
6 - Canoe trip (paddling) in diferente areas
7 - Bird watching
8 - See the Sunrise and sunset
9 - Jungle trekking in two diferente places
10 - Visit to local communities
11 - Swimming with dolphins
12 - Visit to indian village.

Day 1- At 8:30am, transfer from the hotel to the Ajato port near the municipal Market with a short visit the Market.  The tour departure at 9am going to the meeting of the Waters (the junction of the Amazon river and Negro river) for approximately an hour. From the meetinig of the Waters the boat goest to Janauari Ecological Park where the group will have a great chance to seethe water lilies, species of monkeys and other animals of the region.

After Lunch the Boat departure on a Jouney of 3 hours   and on the way there is a stop at an indan village and there it will be possible to see their ritual (dancing), great opportunity for getting some pictures and little vídeos.

From the indian village, the boat will continue moving and will reach the Jaraqui área where that night will be spent.

Day 2- After Breakfast the group departure for the Jungle trekking from 7:45am to 11:30am and during this activity, the guide will explains about the forest, some medicinal plants that exist in the region, tarântula (spider) and some other insects found in the region.

In the afternoon from 2:30pm to 4:30pm, Fishing at the anavilhanas Archipelago. After this activity the boat will go for another 2 to 3 hours to another área called Cuieiras spending the second night at this place.

Day 3 –  In the morning of this day from 8am to 11:30am, the group will visit some local families that live in this area to see and learn about their simple and fantastic way of living in the forest with chance to learn about their customs.

In the afternoon from 2:30pm to 5pm the group will do a canoe trip exploring the small channels and creeks of the region. After finishing this activity, the group will return to the to the Boat to spend the night

Day 4 – In the morning from 7:30am 11am another jungle trekking is done in this área. After finishing this activity, the group get on board and will begins the journey returning and after navigating for about 3 hours they will reach the Acajatuba área and getting there around 3:30pm they go for   piranha fishing, birds watching  and aligátor spotting which is done when it gets dark. After doing the aligátor spotting the group will return to the Boat.

Day 5 – From 5:30am to 6:45am, a canoe trip is done for Bird watching, chance to see monkeys and to see the Sunrise. Finishing this activity, the group will return to the Boat and will have breakfast.

At 9am, the group will departure to a place when the swimming with the dolphins will be done. Great chance to see, to swim and to get pictures and little movies with the fantastic animals from the Amazon river.

After the swimming with the dolphin, the boat will head to a river beach in the área where the group will have a free time to have relaxe swimming in the water of the Negro river.

12:30pm lunch is served and around 13:30pm begins final parto f the the journey returning to Manaus getting in the around 4:30pm.

Getting back to the Port, the transfer to the hotel is provided ending the tour

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