The best and most complete tour in the Amazon. Exploring different places of the Amazon rainforest on a single tour.

Discover the enchanting Amazon by doing a boat tour which makes it easy to explore rivers, lakes and the region. During the Boat tour, diferente areas are visited and several types of activities are done. The visitors have the possibility to choose the type of boat they want to have for their tour as there are different types of Boats. there are economical options that are the boat with accommodation in hammocks upstairs, boats with accommodations in cabins with beds and air conditioning and there also luxury boat in yacht style. All boats used on the tours have two floors and feature crew, toilets that in some cases (boat with cabins) the bathroom are inside the rooms and cooking service ready to meet and satisfy the guests with a cuisine based on local dishes.


Visit to the meeting of the Waters, to the Janauari ecological park, piranha fishing, jungle hikking, Cayman spotting, Bird watching, canoeing through the flooded forest during the rainy season, swimming with dolphins, visiting Indian communities and camping out in the forest in some cases.