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This Jungle tour is done at the Juma área from September to March when the water level it at its lowest. It is recommended for people who are interested in exploring the Amazon doing a long trekking and camping out in the forest.

We recommend this trip for people who are interested in having contact with nature by doing long trekking and camping in the forest for two nights. The tour its done wheter it rains or not, that means little or no comfort. Visitor must be aware of the intense heat and humidity that dominate the forest. They must be prepared to carry along their personal belongins such as boots, long pants, raincoat and flaslight. Everyine help in carrying food and other facilities. Food mainly consists of carbohydrates and proteins as carrying heavy food is not recommended due to long distance walking. Drinking water comes from creeks, but is purified by a purifier that is taken along.

Piranha fishing, spear fishing and Cayman spotting at night, dolphin and sunrise and sunset watching, two-days trekking, two nights camping out in the forest and visiting the local people from the area.

Trip Itinerary

Day one; Tour starts at 8am when the clients leave their hotel for the Ceasa port 15 kilometers down the Negro River. From there they are taken bu speedboat to the meeting of the Negro and the Solimoes river; The meeting of the waters then they are taken to Careiro village, located on the opposite bank of the river. Getting into a va, they travel for about 50 minutes before getting to the Parana do mamori river. Getting into another boat they travel for about 30 minutes more before getting to the lodge about 11:30am. Lunch is served at 12:20pm and the activities starts at 2:30pm when everyone gets into a boat to leave for bird watching, dolphin watching, and piranha fishing. At dusk the sunset is watched from the middle of the lake. Dinner is served at 7pm. At about 8:30pm everyone leaves in a boat again for the Cayman spotting. Its na awesome moment when the guide grabs a Cayman by the neck and pulls it out of the water. After and short lecture the animals is returned to its habitat.

Day two: The following morning at 5:30am a short canoe trip is done to watch the sunrise and to get a close up view of the forest waking up to a new day. Back to the lodge breakfast is served at 7am. From 8am to 11am, the group visits the home of a local family. They get an insight of the crude but fundamental way of life of the local people. At 2:45pm the group leaves for the jungle to spend the first night of two nights camping. The chance to learn about the forest and to spear fish at night has come.

Day Three: After breakfast, the group begins the first day trekking. While on the way, the guide gives invaluable information about the forest. Much is learned about medicinal plants, spiders, trees and animals of the region. Chance of seeing monkeys are great too. At about 4pm, the group stops for the overnight camping. Food is fixed and hammocks and nets hung. Everything is done immediately as night steps in quickly in the forest.

Day Four: After breakfast, the second day trekking starts. There is always something new to discover and learn about. Guide work is extremely important discovering are made. Jungle survival is taught and this includes finding water, food, and how to make fire. Trekking ends at a point where someone waits to take the group back to the lodge by boat. This is around midday. At 1:30pm, the group leaves for Manaus, getting there at about 4:40pm. Everyone is taken back to their hotel and the jungle tour comes to an end.

Boat Tours

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