The activities done on this tour are the same ones done on other tours but with more intensity.

To do this tour it is necessary to be in a good shape to face the hardships of the forest such as uncertain weather and other possibility that may occur on a three-day trekking.

The food consumed it is distributed to each person in the group and carried in the backpacks. It is mainly consisted of carbohydrates and proteins because carrying heavy food (weight) it’s not recommended on such a long walk. The water consumed is taken form the creeks, the same consumed by the natives, but with a difference: A water purifier will be taken along to purify the water.


During the time in the forest, each member of the group takes along his hammock and mosquito net and a light plastic roll to protect himself in case of rain.

The team:

A guide accompanies the group along with two natives guides depending on the size of the group, this is necessary when extra things must be taken along.


The activities are the same ones done in other tours and are done at the beginning of the tour because on the last three days only trekking will be done so that real contact with the jungle can be made. The activities included are piranha fishing, cayman spotting at night, trekking, spear fishing, at night, canoeing in the flooded forest and channels, bird watching, dolphin watching, sloths and monkey watching.

What to bring for your jungle tour: 
Long pants, short pants, long sleeves shirt, t-shirts, Small daypack, sunglasses, insect repellent, rain coat, cap,     boots or tennis shoes, flashlight, Binoculars, swimming suit, Camera, batteries and charger (there is 110 volt electricity ), Sleeping Bags

Very Important

When travelling to the Amazon and to South America in general, make sure you are vaccinated against yellow fever. Get more information about this from your doctor.

*If vegetarian or allergic to any kind of food, please let us know.