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This tour is done from March to the beginning of September. It is a mixture of jugnle trekking and canoeing through the flooded forest and small creeks. It allows visitors to explore untouched áreas that can only be reached by canoe during the rainy season when the water is high. It’s a better chance to see birds and monkeys.  A two night camping i salso parto f the tour.

This is a tour recommended for people who are interested in exploring untouched áreas by boat. As mentioned earlier, there i salso a 2-night camping in the forest. Comfort is minimum as the tour is done whether it rains or not. Everyone must be prepared to face up to high heat and humidity conditions. They must able to take along personal belongings such as boots, long pants, raincoat and flashlights. Food and water are taken from the lodge and is carried by everyone during the trekking. All meals are prepared by the group while away from the lodge. Everyone sleeps in a hammock under a mosquito net. This i salso carried individually in their backpacks.

Piranha fishing, Dolphin and Bird watching, see the sunrise and sunset watching, Cayman (Alligator) spotting, at night, Jungle trekking, a 2-day canoe expedition, visiting the local people and a two-night camping experience.

Trip Itinerary

Day one; The tour starts at 8am when clients are picked up at their hotel and taken to Ceasa port, located 15km from Manaus on the bank on the Negro River. From there they are taken by speedboat to the meeting of the waters-the point where the Rio Negro and Solimoes river meet. They are then taken to the Careiro port located on the opposite back.

From the Careiro port a van takes then on a 50-minutes ride to the Paraná do Mamori river. They then get into another boat which takes them to the lodge after a 30-minutes ride. Lunch is served at 12:30pm. At 2:30pm the group leaves in a canoe to watch birds, dolphins and to fish for piranhas. Sunset is watched from the middle of the lake at about 6pm. At 7pm dinner is served. At about 8:30pm, the group leaves by canoe to do cayman spotting. The high light of the ride is when the guide grabs a cayman by the neck-not a big one of course- and pulls it into the canoe. After some photos and a brief lecture by the guide, the animal is returned to its habitat.

Day two: At 5:30am the group leaves to watch the sunrise. It’s also a good moment to watch. Breakfast is served at 7pm and at 8am a three-hour jungle walk starts. Extraordinary information about the jungle is passed on to the group. Much is learned about medicinal plants, spiders and trees. There is a lingering possibility of seeing monkeys. In the afternoon at 2:40pm, the group leaves to visit the home of a local family to see and learn about their fantastic way of living in the forest. After doing this activity, the group returns to the lodge practicing bird watching get arriving back to the lodge around 6pm.

Day Three: In the Morning after breakfast, stuffs and equipment are prepared and put into the boat. This includes food and water. At 9am, the journey to the forest starts. At about 10am, the group stops to prepare their lunch. Later after lunch paddling starts. After 4 hours of non-stop paddling the group stops to build camp for the night.

Day Four: Just after breakfast, canoeing continues. During this time, there is a great chance of seeing birds, monkeys, and other animals typical of the region. The tour finishes at a point close to the lodge at about 11:30am. Back to the lodge, lunch is served and some time is spent relaxing. At 1:30pm the group leaves on the return trip to Manaus. At about 4:30pm, the group arrives and the tour ends when everyone is taken back to their hotel.

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